Here's what our members have to say...

"WOW! You guys have a great calendar that will keep me busy. A friend at work turned me on to the group and I have been playing volleyball, dancing, going to happy hours and keeping busy. The people are what impress me the most. I am new to the area and like what I see."

—Steve W.

"I joined a sports club last year and found it to be too competitive. I had doubts when looking at ASD, but have met some real neat people. The events are relaxed and friendly. The group seems to be younger than most that I have seen. I will be joining and will tell others to do so."

—Erin M.

"Great job Fred! You really made me feel welcome. Hope all goes well."

—Bob R.

New to San Diego, it was stressful to relocate. But Adventures in San Diego has made my move so much easier...It's social events have given me an outlet for adventure and - more importantly - its members are fun, kind and helpful. A few of them even helped me move my things when I was alone! I am really glad that I've found this group...

—Joy M.

I enjoyed the Lobster Run very much. You certainly are very organized and did a fabulous job with such a large group. I can't believe we had five buses. You're cut out for this. Great time, great people, great fun! Thanks again!

—Irene A.

I wanted to let you know that I moved back to Tucson, AZ. I wanted to thank you very very much for all the wonderful and awesome events you organized during the last few months. It was truly great and very enjoyable and really I don't know anyone who could organize any better!! Well, even though I could not stay in the SD area, I have made friends with some great people including yourself.

—Harry R.

We had an awesome time Tubing!! Thanks for all of your hard work putting the events together - you are awesome!! We look forward to having lots of fun with the group.

—Bryan & Jennifer P.

"There's a bunch of us at work who would like to do stuff, but nobody has the time to organize the events. That's where you come in, eh? You run a great club. I'm glad you're doing this!"

—Rick J.

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