Meeting New People

You'll meet lots of other people from the area that are interested in the same things you are. You'll have the opportunity to strike up new friendships with quality individuals that are just like you.

Weekly Email Newsletters

You'll receive weekly newsletters via e-mail that will keep you updated on current and future events, recap past events, inform you of club news and introduce new members.

Classified Ads

Members can post free ads in the "classified" section of the members area of the website. The ads are viewable by all visitors to the site but only members may place ads.

Calendar Full of Events and Activities

Never again will you search for "something to do". Members will have full access to the events and activities calendar giving all the details for every event. If you can't find anything to do, you just aren't looking!

You Help Set the Activities

We're into what you're into. You can suggest activities that you are interested in to the club. If approved, it will become a scheduled event and everyone will get the chance to join in the fun!

Member Discounts

We will be working with area businesses to secure some discounts and coupons specifically for the benefit of members. ASD will pass along the savings to our members to help them save money.


ASD does not make money on our events or activities. All events are either free, at cost (usually with a group discount), pay-as-you-go, or to benefit charity. All you pay is your club dues, which cover administration and promotional costs for operating the club. Other groups charge $230, $425, or even more and most make you join for an entire year! ASD offers monthly, 6-month, or yearly memberships starting at less than $12.50 per month. Choose the plan that is right for YOU!

Charity Events

We will sponsor some events with all or a portion of the proceeds to benefit local charities. We reserve the right to charge extra for these events if the proceeds go to a deserving charity.

A Better Lifestyle

ASD gives you the opportunity to take full advantage of what life has to offer. You'll meet new and interesting people, just like yourself, while participating in fun activities and events all around the San Diego area.